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High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes

    High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes are widely used in impressed current cathodic protection of offshore structures, underground pipelines, buried cables, etc.

High Silicon Cast Iron Rod Anodes

Type Dimension(mm) Surface Area (m2) Weight (kg)
HSCI-R01 25x3500 0.023 1.5
HSCI-R02 38x900 0.120 7.5
HSCI-R03 38x1200 0.160 10.0
HSCI-R04 38x1500 0.200 13.0
HSCI-R05 50x900 0.160 13.5
HSCI-R06 50x1200 0.200 16.5
HSCI-R07 50x1500 0.250 20.5
HSCI-R11 75x900 0.280 34.0
HSCI-R12 75x1200 0.300 40.0
HSCI-R13 75x1500 0.380 43.0


High Silicon Cast Iron Tube Anodes

Type Out Diameter Wall Thickness Surface Area Length Weight
HSCI-T01 75 mm 10 mm 0.35 m2 1500 mm 23 kg
HSCI-T02 100 mm 10 mm 0.47 m2 1500 mm 39 kg

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