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Cast Zinc Anodes

    3N International, Inc. offers Cast Zinc Anodes in various types and shapes for marine and soil applications of cathodic protection.





Chemical Composition (%)

Grade Zn Al Cd Fe(max) Pb(max) Cu(max)
Type I Balance 0.1-0.5 0.025-0.07 0.005 0.006 0.005
Type II Balance 0.005 max 0.003 max 0.0014 0.003 0.002
High Purity 99.995 min. 0.003 max 0.002 max 0.001 0.003 0.001

Type I: ASTM-B418 TYPE I and MIL-A-1800IJ


Electrochemical Properties

Grade Open-Circuit Voltage

(-v respect to Cu/CuSO4)

Closed-Circuit Voltage

(-v respect to Cu/CuSO4)

Actual Capacity


Current Efficiency


Type I >1.05 >1.00 350 95
Type II >1.10 >1.05 335 90
High Purity >1.10 >1.05 335 90







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