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  1)   NNN® AO-553

 Product Name  AO-553
 Chemical Name   2'3-bus[3-[3,5-di-ter-butyl-4-hydroxyhenyl]propionyl]propionohydrazide
 CAS No.  32687-78-8
 Molecular Weight  553
 Appearance  White Powder
 Content  99% min.
 Synonyms  1024, AO-1024
 Packing:  25 kg bags, 24 bags per pallet

2)   NNN® AO-647

 Product Name  AO-647
 Chemical Name   Tris(2,4-ditertbutylpenyl)phosphite
 CAS No.  31570-04-4
 Molecular Formula  C42H68O3P
 Molecular Weight  646.9
 Appearance  White crystalline Powder
 Content  99% min.
 Synonyms  168, AO-168

 3) NNN® AO-1178

 Product Name  AO-1178
 Chemical Name   Pentaeythritol Tetrakis(3-3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyhpenyl)propionate
 CAS No.  6683-19-8
 Molecular Formula  C73H108O12
 Molecular Weight  1177.65
 Appearance  White Powder
 Content  98% min.
 Synonyms  1010, AO-1010
 Packing:  25 kg bags, 24 bags per pallet


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